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Women Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is quite different in women as compared to men. Although, the predominant cause of hair loss in women is also androgenic alopecia, the typical male pattern is usually not present. Along with this many other causes of diffuse hair loss like iron deficiency, thyroid problems or hormonal imbalance also form a major chunk of hair loss causes in women.

The women hair loss typically involves hair thinning in a large area with sparing of frontal fringe. This so called female pattern baldness has been divided into three stages, called Ludwig Stages.

Ludwig Stage 1

women hair loss.This is the earliest stage of women hair loss, showing mild thinning of hair in central scalp which manifests as widened hair parting. The hair loss at this stage can be easily camouflaged by changes in hair style and responds well to medical therapy. Hair transplants are generally not required at this stage.

PRP therapy, Meso-Therapy, Medical Treatment are useful.

Ludwig Stage 2

In this stage the hair thinning is more severe and more extensive involving larger area of the scalp. Hair loss is apparent under all lighting conditions and is difficult to camouflage. However, there are no areas of absolute baldness and frontal fringe is not involved. Hair transplant should be considered at this stage of women hair loss and gives very good results.

PRP Therapy, Medical Therapy with Hair Transplant is a good option in this stage.

Ludwig Stage 3

Hair thinning is even more with areas of absolute baldness and involvement of frontal fringe in final stage of women hair loss. There may be thinning in donor area as well. Hair transplant will give good results in such patients if donor area characteristics are good.

Hair Transplant with Medical therapy is available in this stage.

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