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Hair Transplant Cost

There are many factors that determine the total cost of a hair transplant. These include total bald area requiring coverage, desired density and the technique employed for transplant. The cost of transplant also depends upon qualifications and expertise of surgical team, quality of instruments and medicines used for surgery. Of course, these very factors decide the success or failure of surgery as well. For example, hair transplant done by a poorly qualified, untrained team using inferior quality instruments and medicines will be very cheap cost wise but is bound to be a disaster result wise.

We, at Provelus believe that good results are a fundamental right of every patient seeking hair transplant cost. Healthy, growing, permanent hair is the first and foremost in any hair transplant; the very reason that brought you to us. For us, this is a non-negotiable issue; and that is why we never cut corners to reduce the cost when it comes to the quality of equipment, medicines or expertise. Compromise in this regard is something we have never made and will never make. These ideals have helped our experienced hair transplant team, led by an acclaimed plastic surgeon,to perform scores of successful hair transplants transforming lives of people from various walks of life. Rest assured, once at Provelus you are in good hands.

The philosophy at Provelus is very simple; "Provide best possible hair transplant to each patient in a caring and honest environment." We will always be honest in assessing your hair loss, predicting your graft requirement and helping you plan long term. We do not inflate graft count to reduce per graft cost to give you "cheapest" hair transplantation cost deals. What we do offer you is good density, beautiful hairlines and long lasting results.

Following are the applicable rates for hair transplant:

Scalp Hair Implant: FUT : $1.00 per graft (Up to 2000 FU)

                                          :$0.75 per graft (2001 FU onward)
                                 FUE : $ 1.50 per graft

                                Robotic: $ 2.00 per graft
                                 BHT :$ 2.00 per graft

  1. Face Hair Implant (By FUE Only) : Brow & Beard : $2.00 per graft
  2. Body Hair Implant (By FUE Only) : $2.00 per graft

Repair Hair Transplant Cost : Price on request

Discounts on above rates are available for early bookings and weekday bookings on a case to case basis.To learn more about available discounts and other schemes like loyalty benefits, Provelus ambassador, Refer a Friend etc., please visit the clinic personally.

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