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Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery

Following are considered suitable candidates for Hair Transplant Surgery:

  1. You have Androgenetic alopecia (Male pattern baldness) stage III to stage VII.
  2. Your level of hair loss is not appropriate for your age
  3. You wish to lower a high hairline or improve it in shape or density via hair transplant surgery.
  4. You feel embarrassed because of your baldness
  5. You have crown baldness
  6. Pattern hair loss in females.
  7. You have burn alopecia or traction alopecia.
  8. Eyebrow, eyelash or facial hair loss by birth or due to injury, burns etc.
  9. You want to improve density of beard, mustache, eyebrows etc.
  10. Cosmetic hair transplant surgery for chest hair or pubic region.

What is the right age for Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss is an on-going process, which stabilises in different individuals at different times. Generally, men achieve their adult hairline in late twenties to early thirties and are less likely to lose too many hairs after this age. Therefore,hair transplant surgery after this age is considered appropriate.

However, the second criterion for transplant is as important. If a patient has hair loss that is severely disproportionate to his age and it is causing psychological problem she should be offered hair transplant surgery. For example we at Provelus Hair Transplant clinic offer hair transplantation to men in their twenties if they have advanced baldness and are not likely to bald further.

Age is not the only deciding factor for hair transplant. Present hair loss status, donor hair reserve, on-going miniaturisation, family history of hair fall and physical condition are also equally important determinants of a person's suitability for hair transplant. Therefore, it is best to meet a surgeon before taking a final decision about hair transplant surgery.

How many hairs do I need?

One of the commonest questions asked by a person undergoing hair transplant surgery is 'How many hair grafts/follicles do I need?' While the exact graft count required for hair transplantation can only be told after personal examination, this Hair Graft Calculator will give you an approximate idea.

Who should not plan Hair Transplant Surgery

You are not a good candidate for hair transplant surgery if,
  1. You are in your teens with rapid on-going hair loss.
  2. You have inadequate donor area because of loss of back hairs due to burn/injury.
  3. You have auto-immune conditions like alopecia areata, universalis or active lichen planus etc.
  4. You are medically unfit for surgery (uncontrolled blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, heart failure etc)

If you are not a good candidate, you may be denied hair transplant surgery at Provelus clinic. Remember, while it may seem harsh at beginning, an honest expert advice can still save you lot of grief and wasted money in future.

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